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Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Finale Spoilers: Marlene King Promises the “Biggest Ending Ever”


It’s hard to imagine an ending to the Pretty Little Liars Season 4 finale that beats every the Season 3 finale, but that’s what PLL showrunner Marlene King is boldly promising for Season 4B’s climactic episode.

When asked what she could tell us about the Season 4 finale, Marlene tweeted: “It’s all about Answers. And the biggest ending ever.” Good, because we have a lot of questions. We have a feeling that Season 4B’s overarching mystery theme will be exploring why Ezra is stalking Ali, what their connection is in general, and the events leading up to Ali’s fake death. Is it possible we could get all of these questions answered in the Season 4 finale, considering the show will continue into Season 5? We hope so!

And, to be clear, the label “biggest ending ever” is comparing this episode to season-ending moment like Ian’s death after nearly killing Spencer, Mona’s reveal as “A,” Maya’s death, Toby’s redemption, and the Thornhill Lodge Fire — and that’s not even taking into account summer finales, or the game-changing endings of the epic Halloween specials. Basically, we’re totally intrigued by Marlene’s promise for “answers” and big-ness because — so far this season — she’s delivered on both counts. We can only imagine what she has in store for us in the finale.

How do you think Season 4 will end? Share your theories in the comments below!

Catch the Pretty Little Liars Season 4 winter premiere, Tuesday, January 7, 2013 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC Family.

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Shay Mitchell wants to be your MENTOR!

Enter the contest below:

Going from self-conscious waitress to one of TV’s biggest stars sounds like the plot of a movie, but it was more than just fantasy Shay Mitchell. The Pretty Little Liars star didn’t get to national fame her own: She credits her parents for encouraging her every step of the way. And now, as the newest Acuvue 1-Day contest ambassador, Shay has the chance to play mentor to teens with big dreams of their own.

The actress took time out of her hectic Acuvue photoshoot to give us the inside scoop on her involvement with the 1-Day program, her journey from Canadian high schooler to big-time star, and the beauty advice she picked up along the way.

How did you get involved with Acuvue 1-Day, a program that allows celebrities to mentor teens?
“This program was really an organic fit because I try to inspire people all over, especially younger teens, to live the best life that they can live. This is exactly what the program is about, so it was a perfect collaboration.”

How did you envision your future when you were a young teen?
“As silly as this sounds, I’m living my dream right now. I’m on a shoot with so many talented people, like Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas—pros in their field. I’m looking around today thinking, ‘Oh my gosh, I’m a part of this. That’s crazy!’ When I was younger, I always had an inspiration board for visualizing and seeing the goals I wanted to bring to life. On that board, I had Hollywood signs, palm trees, and even a Teen Choice Award surfboard. It’s about having that set vision, seeing it, and bringing it to fruition. I was so blessed to have friends and family who were with me along the way. Now, to be a mentor to somebody else and to be a part of their journey, helping them to achieve their dreams…there’s not much more I can ask for.”

What was your inspiration as a teen?
“I think it was really having parents that were always there for me. My dad told me that the world is my oyster. You have to believe in yourself, and, more importantly, stay true to who you are. Don’t change that for anybody. It didn’t matter that I lived in Canada and was serving tables, or that most of the roles I auditioned for asked for a girl-next-door with blonde hair and blue eyes. When I went in for Pretty Little Liars, that’s exactly what they were asking for. Clearly, I don’t look exactly like that, but it didn’t stop me from going into the audition and doing the best that I could. That’s just the way I’ve been brought up, truly believing and understanding that if you have a positive attitude, you work your butt off, and you really see exactly what you want to achieve, then there’s nothing that can stop you.”

Looking back, what advice would you give your younger self?
“To embrace what I was born with naturally. Back when I was in high school, I dyed my hair blonde to fit in with my friends. They all had blonde hair, blue eyes, and fair skin. I would stay out of the sun, I got blue contacts, I would dye my hair lighter. I look back at these photos, and I’m like, ‘Why was I trying to change who I was?’ If I just enhanced what I was born with, I would’ve been a lot happier. Embrace who you are and celebrate the fact that you’re unique. That’s what makes you beautiful.”

What are your everyday beauty essentials?
“A bright lip color because you can take it from day to night, and I sometimes have a last minute event that pops up. Put that lip color on and it changes your whole look. I would also say a moisturizer with SPF because that’s important for your skin. Lastly, my CoverGirl Lash Blast Mascara. That’s my favorite thing ever! In my purse, I always have mints, my cellphone, and an extra pair of contacts.”

Do you have any behind-the-scenes beauty secrets from being on set?
“For early mornings when I haven’t had the eight hours of sleep that I would normally like, I have spoons in the freezer. I pull them out and put them on my eyes. They get rid of the bags and have a cooling, refreshing effect. So, if you come over to my house, you’ll see spoons in my freezer and that’s what they’re for!”


Shay Mitchell Blogs About her First Day in the Philippines

Shay blogs about leaving Hong Kong to venture off to the Philippines titled:

“I was so excited to meet (up with) my Mom in the Philippines, especially since it was her first time back in over 15 years. Considering this is where she is from, it was very exciting to find out more about my roots and meet some of my family that I had never met before.”

Shay Mitchell in Asia, Vacays in the Philippines

Shay Mitchell, from the hit tv show Pretty Little Liars has been making her rounds in Asia and made an appearance in the Philippines.

Here is an article about Shay’s first ever Manila Press Conference:

TV Actress Shay Mitchell is currently in the Philippines for vacation only with her family but ETC channel managed to do a promo for the Pretty Little Liars star while she’s here in Manila.

The half-Filipina actress is off to Palawan while on break from her busy schedules but she manages to squeeze a few hours yesterday to meet members of the press (including Orange Magazine TV) and some of her Filipino fans she called Mitchies who won a meet&greet passes from ETC.


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