Indie film GRACELAND in Theaters this Spring

graceland film

”  The story begins with Marlon Villar, played brilliantly by Arnold Reyes, a chauffeur for a local politician named Manuel Changho.  You soon learn that Marlon is forced to deal with the immoral lifestyle of his employer.  He has to cover for Mr. Changho for the sake of keeping his employer’s reputation intact and by doing so keeping himself earning enough money to take care of his daughter and sick wife…  ”

”   Graceland is a fist clenching thriller that shocks and alarms every moral sense along the way to an interesting “I-see-what-you-did-there” plot twist at the end.  This movie and its director definitely deserve all the accolades that it has received so far and I am proud to see it being released independently in the U.S….  “

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