Kick Starter “Basco Balikbayan Project: A Journey To Our Roots


“the basco balikbayan project: a journey to our roots
a documentary.
21 days. 4 boys, 1 girl. siblings. the american dream came true for this filipino family of artists. now we follow them to their motherland.

this documentary is in association with the ‘department of tourism’ for the philippines nation. we are looking to gain funding for pre/post production and promotional costs for this project. we are hoping to garner enough footage to satisfy either an episodic and/or a film that will be shopped in the overseas market as well as here in the states.”

it has been said that you are only recognized as an american when you are not in america. so where then do we find our home?

five siblings born in america. raised by their parents in english, in value, and in self-worth. raised by society as filipino, different, and ‘oriental’. but by the grace of dreams, audacity, and their parents’ unwavering belief they became the frontline for filipinos nation wide through their work as actors, artists, poets, producers, and musicians paving the way for the next generation of asian descent.

but what happens when they return to the country in which they proudly represent as filipino-americans? what really do they know about being filipino? as they voyage overseas as citizens of a country that doesn’t recognize them as their own, will the philippines embrace them as lost children coming home?