Profile: Marlon Dane

Marlon Dane:

Marlon Dane is what one would call a true artist. Born in 1985, this envisioning Pisces has a history full of music. He was brought up in a household that embraced music, which helped instill his love of music. Marlon’s mother supported him musically when taking his piano lessons and also when he was in band playing the saxophone. Not only was he supported in such things, but he was also constantly surrounded by music. His mother often sang, and his uncle also sang and played the guitar. It is no wonder that Marlon Dane had an early start with his music career. At the age of 11, Marlon started singing for the church choir, and by the age of 12, he was performing in church events, family gatherings, celebrations and eventually middle school and high school talent shows. While in high school, he also performed as the lead characters in the musicals Westside Story and Footloose as Tony and Ren. With full mental and financial support from his grandmother, Marlon was also able to move forward and delve deeper into his music career. Despite his early start, 1997 is where it all really began for Marlon Dane. Starting around 1997 to approximately 2001, he belonged to vocal group. The group itself was young and they had much to learn about the music industry, but being a part of that young group was to his advantage because it taught Marlon many things. The experience he gained as an individual from the group ranges from improving his harmonies to solidifying his stage presence. His harmonies have become smoother with more practice, and his stage presence is now one of confidence. His appearance and crowd interaction climb to the next step as he becomes more comfortable with performing on stage in front of increasingly larger audiences. Recently, Marlon Dane has also shared the stage with hot new artist Frankie J. Taking it even further, one other obvious sign of his commitment to music is the fact that Marlon now writes and produces his own music. It is a necessary evil to categorize his music since it is so unique, but to give you a better idea of what creative juices go through his mind, the majority of his work falls under either pop or rhythm and blues. A couple of examples would be “Feels So Good” and “Only One Man Can.” Through these two songs, you can definitely tell what his musical influences are. A complex mixture of Boyz II Men, Brian McKnight, Brian Littrell of Backstreet Boys, JC Chasez of N’Sync, Usher and Babyface to name a few, these tracks have plenty of soul, kick, and funk to make them get stuck in anyone’s head. Written, produced and sung by Marlon, he definitely gives his songs a unique aura of sincerity and passion that can only come from within. With such an extensive musical background, increasingly tighter and smoother vocals and an evolving stage presence, it’s hard to not eagerly await his future tracks. So what can be expected from this fresh new artist? At the moment it is hard to say. What is a sure bet is that there will be a lot more hard work and dedication put into his upcoming tracks. Not only that, but the tracks will definitely have a Marlon Dane feel to them. What is a Marlon Dane feel? Well, keep your ears ready and soon you too will find out the meaning of what a true artist is.